Living With Psoriasis

Living With Psoriasis

For those people who have to live with the skin condition psoriasis can actually present with a variety of different symptoms.  Your condition can vary greatly from the next persons and the severity level may be completely different as well.  You can have very mild symptoms where only small parts of your body are affected by psoriasis.  While others may have skin issues covering their entire body and the other serious conditions that accompany psoriasis.

Living With Psoriasis

Even if you have a “mild” case of psoriasis and the condition can be painful and difficult to live with.  Again even mild cases can impact the quality or your life more than most people would realize.  The location of lesions or skin plaques can vary from slightly uncomfortable to very painful and most people are uncomfortable with the look of them.  Severe pain is normal and inflammation of the joints can also be a problem, in the end psoriasis can feel a lot like rheumatoid arthritis.

Living with a chronic illness even a mild one will affect your mental health, psychological, emotional along with your physical state.  Having a visible skin condition can impact your self esteem and how you think others perceive you.  Almost all patients report that psoriasis has affected them as if they had a much more serious health condition.  Coping with psoriasis may not be cancer but don’t disregard the affects of psoriasis.  Here is what it is like living with psoriasis, watch the video to get an understanding.

Psoriasis is comparable to other disease like Hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease when it comes to quality of life and the degree of disability.  Though most people are completely unaware that psoriasis can become that extreme.  However, for patients who live with psoriasis on a day to day basis understand the affects all too well.

Symptoms can interfere with your daily life, making even the most basic and simplest of tasks seem so difficult.  The physical appearance that you’re left with from the condition can interfere with your ability to find a job.  Skin lesions or plaques  on the face or on the visible area can make patients incredibly self conscious about your appearance.  The world places a huge significance on your physical appearance and psoriasis can make you feel lacking in that regard.

Don’t think psoriasis is simply a mild rash it is so much more than that.  The people who have to live with the pain and complications understand how debilitating it can be.

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